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Daily Dot Looks Behind the Mask

From Daily Dot CEO Nicholas White

This week, a 25-year-old publicist named Ryan Holiday published Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. The Daily Dot, along with many other publications, ran an interview with him and covered the release. We also ran an excerpt from the book.

What he claims is that blogs have changed the nature of truth in our society. Holiday describes buying ads for a movie, then vandalizing those same ads, taking pictures of his own vandalism, and sending them to blogs under fake names to make them believe that there’s a groundswell of protest against the movie.

Blogs, with little staff and no time, accept the story without question and post it. Enough of them do it, and everyone begins to believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Soon, the New York Times is running the story. And often, by the time the NYT gets to it, it’s no longer a bullshit stunt. It’s true. The controversy is now real.

The thing is, Holiday’s indictment is not just an indictment of the media. It’s an indictment of all of us. It’s an indictment of the Internet.

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