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In case you missed it:

It being the other, the otherness, an unbearable lightness, a thing, a sum of atoms, an object to grasp, or idea or process to understand and keep, 

In case you passed by it, or it passed by you, 

In case the space-time that encompasses you is not all-encompassing,

In case you impose yourself uniquely onto a space-time filled with countless other objects traveling on their own unknown trajectories, and no one can say what you may miss,

In case you are not an omniscient spiritual being, capable of recalling from an eternally expanding memory,

If, when reading the Epic of Gilgamesh, historians cannot find your signature on it,

If, when visiting for a routine cleaning, your dentist has not heard of it,

In case you missed all that has come before you and all that is to come,

In case you missed the first four paragraphs of this article, though I suspect others have not —

Though I cannot calculate their omniscient capacities,

Though I cannot objectively ascertain the value of this idea or object or process,

Though I cannot predict with any reasonable ability the likelihood you may come across it at a grocery store or on the bus,

I now will act to ricochet it across your path, what has shot across the galaxy and crashed into my own space-time, in case you missed it: