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News Summary for Monday, February 14, 2011

Republicans Quickly Reject Obama Budget Proposal (Los Angeles Times – February 14, 2011)

Listen to… Runaway, by Kanye West


Obama Budget Targets Brand Name Medicines (Reuters – February 14, 2011)

Listen to… Ego, by The Sounds


Algeria Unrest: Akbou Protesters Clash with Police (BBC – February 14, 2011)

Listen to… Let Me Go, by Phantagram


Worries Surface Over Power of D Börse-NYSE Euronext Link (Financial Times – February 14, 2011)

Listen to… Houdini, by Foster the People


At Media Companies, a Nation of Serfs (New York Times – February 14, 2011)

Listen to… Say Aha, by Santogold, TEPR Remix


Discount Dilemma: Online Shoppers Say Flower Groupon Was No Great Deal  (TIME – February 14, 2011)

Listen to… Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, by Michael Jackson


Yes, Lady Gaga Arrived In an Egg (CNN – February 14, 2011)

Listen to… Acceptable in the 80’s, by Calvin Harris

Decisons, Decisions: My Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2010

Every year near Halloween, a personal crisis occurs in my life. I realize I have not made a costume choice. With every invitation I receive for a good party, the hesitation to pick only increases. Here are 3 problems I face when I choose a Halloween costume, and my Top 10 for 2010.

  • I would like to be something interesting, but I don’t want to be “that guy” (or “that girl”) at the party who has an over-intellectualized costume. And then I have to explain it to some half-drunk Boring Person, and then I either get the “huh?” or the “wow, you’re a nerd!” or the Creeper “ohhh…cool…I’ve been looking for a wife…” response. Gross and not fun.
  • I would like to be something that is on-the-Sline. What’s that? It’s the slut line - the Sline. It has to say, “I may or may not be good in bed (wink)!” without saying, “I am a prostitute and I know your brother (sad face).” Don’t play like you don’t know the sline. You slines!
  • It has to be the only one at the party. Unoriginality is boring, folks, and if you’re boring on Halloween then you’re boring every other day of the year. It’s science, and I like science.  

 10. The Twitter Bird (blue bird costume)

 Twitter Bird

9. La Roux (orange hair wig and a ultra-mod 80s costume)

La Roux

8. Industry-Paid Doctor (doctor outfit and lots of money, gold watch, a la Calvin Harris “Acceptable in the 80s” video - YouTube)

Money Doctor

7. Tecktonik (Wikipedia) Dancer (a la Yelle “a cause des garcons” video -YouTube)


6. Egyptian Dancer in "Remember the Time" Video - Youtube

Michael Jackson Remember the Time

5. Women’s Power Suit Lady from the 1980s (shoulder-padded suit, red shoes)

80s Power Suit Lady

4. Retro Tennis Player

Andre Agassi

3. Gym Bunny (tight gym outfit with 5 layers, too much makeup, overly-done hair)

Gym Bunny

2. Girl from the 1990s a la Clueless/90210 (bringing back the 90s before it actually comes back next year)

Clueless Movie

1. Etsy (the website - whimsical, vintage, colorful, and a little strange)